Thursday, 5 April 2018

Outfit: Tatami Dreams

Oh tatami.
How we miss you.

 Tatami is the best. So comfy.
We only had it in the bedroom.
And that was cool.

 When you get used to sleeping on the floor.
You can sleep on tatami without a futon.
We did that the last day when we had already given away our futons.

 Who doesn't love a good highlighter?
I still use Lush' "feeling younger".

 This hairstyle is inspired by insects.
They are so big and awesome in Japan <3

 School picture time.

 pop corn shirt: charity shop
baby doll camisole: old (+10 years :S)
dragon scale skater skirt: black milk

Our traditional Japanese apartment gave Baagi some challenges...
 Head hitting the frame :S
But it got easier with time :)

 People loooove this shirt.
It always gets compliments. And it's girls' pajama shirt <3

Our Korean friend loved it 
and told that her mother always criticized her for wearing cool shades and blue hues in winter. 
It apparently looks too freezing cool D:
You are supposed to wear reds and warm tones in winter. 

So interesting! 
Cultures are the best.
We noticed this behaviour with our Japanese language teacher who was an older lady.
Her winter coat was a gorgeous wine red.

And just for the record 
everyone wears black (or dark grey) in Finland...
Especially in winter.

 There was this scar in the wallpaper when we moved.
And of course when we moved out the inspector was like "what is this" :')

Gladly they remembered it (and there was no problem).


pajama shirt: charity shop
tank top: thrifted + diy
pants: thrifted


  1. Your outfits are always so dreamy!! I can see why certain colors trend depending on the season, but not something I've ever noticed the general public do around here... probably cause they're so ordinary/practical as opposed of dressing for the sake of FASHION XD


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