Thursday, 12 April 2018

Etsy shop announcement!


"Collect for yourself a Moody Mascot who is just as unique as you are.

Each mascot is handmade and thus has their own personality like every individual.

Box handmade from recycled materials and thus is flimsy :)
Portrait painted with acrylic paints on recycled cardboard.
Mascot made from fimo modelling clay.
Metallic parts are new."

As you might have noticed, we've been testing Lind's handmade accessories
almost as long as we've been blogging :)

We're happy with "the recipe" and think we can offer you nice quality items 

 These accessories have been sold in a shop in Helsinki for over a year and people have liked them :)
Especially kids and elderly people <3
People buy them for gifts 
and choose the matching character for the gift receiver. 
Aww, so cute!

now it's time to give you an opportunity get your hands into these mascots!

My test group have used these mascots daily.
 I couldn't be happier with how well they do in use.
Only 1 brooch got lost when Baagi was shooting a short film and carrying lights etc.

1 started to peel its protective gloss 
when it was used in both hot steamy places and ice cold air daily.
So... we are confident with the products quality :)

If you buy our mascots 
-we would be happy receive improvement suggestions if you have any.
We want to serve you only the best and perfect items ;D

 I don't make ears to the Moody Mascots anymore because some of them lost their ears in use.

We'll stock the shop with more different items
but we've started with mascots 
that have a handmade box and portrait painted by Lindwörm.

Making boxes and painting took way too much time (we thought it's not worth it)
so these are exclusive :D

Each item is 14-16€ + shipping atm.

Some boxes are super flimsy :'D
and some are pretty good.
But they are a cute home for these mascots ;) right?

Chunky glitter eyes!

Both chunky and fine glitter used in this one.

More Halloween mascots coming soon ;)

Chokers are all different size.
Some are adjustable and some not.
We hope to offer every size an option :)

Hope you like them and if you happen to purchase any
-please send us pictures and tell us your thoughts!
( ^_____^ ) <3
It'd make our day.
We have a new instagram account for our art and store.
Join us there if you want to :D

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