Saturday, 10 March 2018

Outfit: Our Pond

I must admit that it was super hard to edit these pics...
because we miss Kyoto so much.
These pictures were taken in our shrine. 
It's one of the places that comes to my mind when I think about our lovely time in Japan.

It was about -20 celsius yesterday and we had to walk to do stuff... >A<
It was disgusting and made us so mad D:
why do people live here??!!!

It was like +5 in Kyoto in winter 
and it's the coldest city in Kansai... 
it was so lovely and bearable!

We are still recovering from the culture shock... 
Finland is not for US :(

it's so awesome to have these pictures ; w ; <3
sweet sweet memories

We love fish!
Especially in Japan you can understand that they are animals too.
They show personality and affection.
Like dogs and cats.

We highly recommend that you 
book an airbnb in a more suburbian area (in Kyoto)
if you want to experience the every day zen.

We found out Wörm is a waterbender!

Many pics because we love this place too much!!

beret: thrifted (kangol)
dress: kumiko watari -migh t
glasses: gift
shoes: gift
bones: second hand (Jeremy Scott for Adidas)

We felt the need to move from the fountain
when 2 older Japanese gentlemen came to enjoy it too.

They were super nice and greeted us with English.
But we didn't want to bother them with our camera... you know :)

These colours are one of my hair favourites.
Minty green and blush peach.

 This little statue was so cool and creepy. 
We don't know what it stands for.
Our shrine was a mushi shrine so 
-maybe this statue has something to do we it..?
Do you guys know better?
Would love to know!! :)

These pictures were taken back in 
It was HOT.
We were sweating :'D

Sorry for alll the pictures...
the blog is turning into a storage for our 
travel pictures now... :'D

vest: thrifted
shorts: hand me down + diy
shoes: hand me down
glasses: gift


  1. It all looks so pleasant and sounds refreshing!!

  2. Your hair and makeup are so perfect. The dress totally brings out the other colors in your outfit. Love the pattern work on it, too! <3

    - Anna


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