Saturday, 4 November 2017

Outfit: Winnie the Fem

 Denim sets are so radical if you ask me :'D
Such a cool guy style and I wouldn't mind people rocking it more :)
My set of choice is a vest + skorts.

(I look so evil and Eeyore looks so terrified, haha)

 This set is a Disney one 
^ w ^

 I don't care about wrinkly clothes but...
hope you don't mind the mega wrinkles ( > w < ;) 

I got the set as a hand me down.
(I think my aunt originally bought this in the USA many years ago)
I was so happy we managed to take outfit pics with it before leaving Finland.
We didn't take it with us :(

 These berries are precious to us because a name we both share 
;) <3

  I was super sad about my "acne pimples" that day 
because they had gotten worse and were bright red.
But because of the lighting they don't look that bad.

I'm trying my best to be body positive
and to me these "downfalls" have been helpful actually ^ . ^
Accepting flaws and getting over it...
that kind of stuff ;)

 set: hand me down
eeyore backpack: charity shop (UFF Lahti)
shoes: hand me down (Bally)

 Let me introduce you
Baagi's feminist jacket!

We are not that big into "forced gift giving"
but I wanted to get him something (that he didn't know of)
on his b-day :) 

And that was these patches from etsy 
^ - ^
He loved them! but of course ;)

rainbow one from fairycakes
and butt from radical buttons

high quality and beautiful <3

 The rain got heavier
we had to leave D:

jacket: thrifted + diy
patches: etsy
shoes: charity shop (pelastus armeija)


  1. Hienot hiukset, ja nuo silitysmerkit on mahtavia! :)

  2. Great patches! Did you leave Finland? Where are you now?

  3. Denim on denim. <3 Radness! Love your dude's, patch! :DDD

    - Anna


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