Thursday, 12 October 2017

Outfit: Watering Forest... In Pink

It's time to water our forest!
Even one day of sunshine makes our tree friends thirsty.

(pics still from Finland:))

Yellow lipstick was a must with this outfit :)

o w 0 ;

Doesn't the brownish shade fade nicely :)
This hair colour was so much fun.
We are always looking for variation in our colourful life ;)

My chin skin was starting to suffer... 
I'll tell you more later :S

t-shirt: second hand (online)
bag: charity shop (pelastus armeija)
skirt: black milk
shoes: thrifted (Salon suurkirppis)

You know... we share everything.
Even our watering cans ;)

So innocent
so proud!

This tank top reminds us from old school swimsuits.
So this pose... is relevant.

Summer = (n)Icecream
We are addicted to Gari gari-kun popsicles atm!
(they are vegan!! :D)

tank top: charity shop (pelastus armeija)
pants: thrifted 
moshi monster: thrifted (Linkki kirppis)


  1. I'm loving these hairdos and outfit colors!! They pop so well with the green/ forest background.<3


    1. ^ w ^ aww! thank you for your kind words, Adi <3

  2. You’re both cute! That bag is great!

  3. Omgosh, I love your skirt and bag so much. <3 Cutest outfit ever! Love your dude's shoes, too! :DDD

    - Anna


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