Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Outfit: Royal Purple and Summer Gold

 Oh yeah!

 We hate making excuses but the reason 
why we've been posting so little 
is because we've had too much to do this Summer :<
It's all our fault 
and it's been stressful...

But soon it's over :D
In September we have to be ready with EVERYTHING

can't wait!!

Cursed to always be blue haired
but it's ok
because blue is such a beautiful colour ;)

I curl my hair by braiding it with many small braids
when it's still damp.
And the next day I have my dream curls 

Golden pigment on purple matte lipstick.

 dress: black milk
gown: thrifted

Baagi is wearing all hand dyed outfit...
or at least t-shirt and pants 
^ - ^

He is the pastel chevalier 

tophat: gift
suspenders: thrifted
shirt: old + DIY
pants: old + DIY


  1. Nätin hempeät värit! Ja tuotta pilvimekossa on kiva kontrasti ärhäkän ja pastellisen välillä! :)

  2. Always love how y'alls post are mostly out in nature!! Such a lovely color combo too :D
    ♡ Dulce

    1. hey!! that's so lovely to know :D thank you <3<3 we really try our best to find nice places in the nature to shoot outfit pictures :)


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