Friday, 4 August 2017

Outfit: Oh My Ra

 Oh My Ra!
This Monster High playsuit is perfection!! <3

 I'm a MH doll collector ( -or used to be :'( )
I love the collection I own and they watch over us everyday
on our bookshelf :)

 and yes this is the same hair ....
lime crime hair dye (gargoyle) died in the first wash
and turned into plain blue...

Eye shadow (aka my highlighters) on dark matte lipstick.

Scary wörm 

Insert peach emoji here ;'D

Did I mention this playsuit is the best???
It makes me feel like a peach :D

playsuit: thrifted
shoes: underground

There he is!
The manster :D

He is really good at showing the way
and he is really strong.

Danger this way!

hat: hand me down
tank top: old + diy
pants: thrifted
suspenders: thrifted


  1. Love the pop of color! I never had a Monster High Doll but, I like them more than Barbie :)
    ♡ Dulce

    1. yay thanks :D <3
      hehe I agree :) I love their different face shapes!


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