Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Outfit: Rainbow Insect Bites + New Hair

Summer is 
when mosquitoes bite you.

This year we haven't gotten bitten too many times.  


 We were SO in love with our new hair colour

 it died (faded into boring blue/green) in the first wash...

 we used...

 Lime Crime's unicorn hair colour

Moral of the story:
Never trust Lime Crime.

 We'll write a review about Lime Crime's hair colour too...
but there isn't really anything else to say but that it sucks and you shouldn't buy it.
Or anything from that evil brand.
It's not worth it.

 But yeah... 
we were super happy before washing hair :D
A talkative thrift shop keeper told me she didn't recognize me at first ^ w ^
that's always fun!

  I just have to admit that I'm a skirt kind of a girl...
I'm not the biggest fan of how shorts look on me :S
But I hope you still don't agree with me ;')
hope you like this look!

 top: black milk
shorts: thrifted + diy
back pack: thrifted

extra wörm pics!
testing lighting

"A dog person coming this way..."
Worried Wörm.

Husband time!

Guess what he's doing?

Suffering from itching bites
and new mosquito attacks.

We gotta admit:
Some mosquitoes got hurt while shooting these pictures
* ___ * ;

Manbun is the way to go!
One of our teachers rocks the style too
with his gorgeous silver fox hair :D

Yellow is Daffodil (directions) straight from the bottle...
it's not the strongest and most long lasting yellow out there :(
But still a lovely happy yellow.

we mixed all kinds of different purples and reds 
with directions Ebony to make them more unique and different.



vest: thrifted
shorts: hand me down + diy


  1. Ooooh! That lipstick! Did it come glittery or did you add glitter?

    Ugh how annoying about the hair!

  2. I really love the new hair!! Too bad I've also heard a lot of bad things about Lime Crime. :0
    Shorts and skirts both look pretty on you.<3 Because I'm super short only mini skirts look good on me but I'm too shy to wear them. x)
    Keep up the wonderful outfits and new hair colors!


    1. thank you so much, dear Adi ^ - ^
      aww yeah! >w< It takes time to get over that kind of shyness... I'm getting used to not wearing leggings under skirts... bare legs feel so weird! ;'D

  3. Ihana tuo auringonkeltainen väri hiuksissa! :)

  4. You always have so many details in your outfits that would be so easy to miss without seeing all the photos!
    Thats a shame about your hair color though, I had no idea Lime Crime did hair dye though. XD

    1. Hehe :D thanks Kyris!! <3
      Haha yeah :'DD they have pretty much everything now X)

  5. Mosquitoes are the worst, quite honestly. Both of yall's hair looks so magical and it's too bad it faded away. There's alot of controversy revolved around Lime Crime and I even stopped following them but, I do recall when they were first developing their hair dyes that doe deere would frequently change hair color in a short time frame... I guess it makes sense, like maybe it's meant to fade away (•ิ_•ิ)?
    ♡ Dulce

    1. thank you so much <3 ^ - ^

      Yeah!! True!! I think some of the hair dyes are called "tints". So I guess they are supposed to fade super fast.
      This one was meant to be "full coverage" :S and it ended up just staining hair... So yeah, maybe not the best.


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