Saturday, 22 July 2017

Outfit: Blue Blessing

Bless you!
I sneeze everyday :S

This was my go to updo in 2013
when I had just grown my hair out :D
It's super practical -and cute ^ 3 ^


The one and only Antti Asplund cross that I own.
I think they are so beautiful <3

We visited a thrift store that day and
the shop keeper ask what was my inspiration for this makeup look.
I struggle answering these kind of questions...
Always rainbows!

I'm always asking Baagi if my hair is already oh-so-long...
or more like begging for him to tell me that
(and giving me attention ;))

shirt: hand me down (naf naf)
skirt: hand me down
leggings: black milk
cross: antti asplund

Oh that's my twin boifriend
- I mean bestie the husband :D

This hair got so much positive feedback (irl too :))
we miss it already <3

We're not sure what this hand sign is...
but it's Ilargs yo!!

remember this t-shirt?
art by wörm

t-shirt: thrifted + diy
vest: hand me down
suspenders: thrifted


  1. Ihanat asut! Ja hiukset! :) Sateenkaari on aina hyvä inspis! ;)


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