Thursday, 22 June 2017

Thrift Haul: Mattel Orange?

Here is thrift haul from our spontaneous visit in this new thrift store close to us. To be frank we were shopping for puppet animation props (which we found a lot as well but I am not including them into this post just for that very reason.)
Lind is crazy for these cute bags and we found two!
This was only 2€.
Such different colour combo! Truly unique! 

 This was such amazing find! We fell in love with it straight away.
I mean c'mon; it's good quality, cheap and a freaking watering can.

This actually was a gift (+thrift find) from Wörmi's sister: Misabel.  
It's a diy "fan shirt" from Ever After High webisodes. 
Too bad they got cancelled tho :S We liked them.

Here's something we did find
We didn't like Monster
High as much...
New webisodes
were quite lame tbh.

It was funny that we found these same coloured skinny jeans also.
I didn't own anything like this. 

This robe was too cute to be true! 
Sadly, washing it damaged its precious leaves.

 Last but not least check this super gay shirt! And I mean happy!
It reminds me a little of the era when men were allowed to dress colourful. Remember that? Maybe not, but we should know about it.

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  1. Oooi, tuo kannu-laukku on aivan ihana! :)

    1. Samaa mieltä :D Varsin erikoinen kaveri.

  2. That watering can bag!!! And I like all the bright clothes!

    1. Yea colours always brighten up mood wherever you are or whatever you do! :D


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