Thursday, 8 June 2017

Thoughts of the Day: Rainbow monkey

I wanted to share something I wrote while ago...
It's one of my stageplay monologues that I've written about myself (Based on true events from my youth):

art by wörm

Concept of home is quite elusive. 
To me at least, but I am troubled what it comes to social standards. Was or always were. 
Whatever really. 
The point is; how I've experienced my childhood. 
The crude reality of... 
Wait. My head hurts. Ugh, sickening brain waves.

When I was in elementary school, I knew a boy who had been in eight schools before the fifth grade.
He was always talking about monsters and ghouls in the basement
or his father's achievements with money. 
"The business" is how he used to call those endeavours.
Every time in the same way.
And interestingly for every one. 
Boy and his family moved again after two years.
I never found out what those "business" were.
That house is deserted nowadays. 
Even door was left open...
Wait. All I can see is black. There's something in my eye.

Woman next door died one day.
It was her husband. 
Dragged her into the forest and beat to death with a log.
Sauna is hot but luckily, beer is cold.
Alcohol extinguishes the fire or... to increases it? 
She had coal in her hair.
From the fireplace.
Their children changed school.
Wait. This constant beep. There's something in my ear.

I decided to sew my eyes close with thick thread. 
Black and tight was the kind.
It didn't prevent me seeing though.
With a ice pick I tried to pierce my ears.
But the spikes didn't reach deep enough.
All this accomplished was mess and gore.
Besides without them you would drown into the icy water.
Sink into the depths of watery grave.
Ah. I understand. I am not bitter but rather sweet actually.
Nowadays rainbow monkey paints the canopy of heavens from the dusk to dawn. It uses colours bravely. This is what it loves regardless the fact that paintbrush doesn't always stay in its hand.
Moment of truth:
Twilight has the most shades.

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