Saturday, 3 June 2017

Outfit: Not Jealous Not Toxic Just Green + tips for colouring hair

New hair and we went pastel.
Feel the Spring!

Our philosophy of hair colouring:
Your hair its rules.
You can't force your hair to turn into something exact anytime you want.
Bleaching only helps with roots.
You shouldn't have too specific plans for you hair colour, listen to your hair, and go with the flow.

First we cover our whole hair with coconut oil. It protects the hair (especially the ends) from damage.
Then we bleach the roots 
and see what happens and how we can work with it.

It makes hair colouring more exciting and stress free. 

we ended up using Arctic Fox's Neverland (minty green) and Direction's Daffodil (sun yellow).
And mixed both with 1/2 conditioner which made the shades pastel.
We've already washed our hair a couple of times and they fade really fast (but still look pastel cute;)).

The orange part came from the left over pink (from months ago) + pastel daffodil.
We really like that the orange is placed so randomly :)
the magic of working with what you have!

There was a little purple and blue shades in our hair
and adding pastel green on them made them turn out like this.

I guess it's a rainbow hair after all ;)

This isn't our usual forest but one closer to our home.
So Baagi said: "This is perfect area for vipers."
And I freaked out.  

He tried to convince me that there wouldn't be vipers because they'd be too scared to live there (cars/human noises).
Baagi is from the countryside (aka forest) and I'm from a city suburbia so he has seen snakes 
but I have only a few times 
(and been so scared everytime and they haven't even been poisonous snakes).

So yeah.
No snakes but a lot of snake talk.
And snake jokes.

tank top: old + diy
pants: old + diy
shoes: irregular choice

And then I started to worry about the tics.
And then there was tic talk.
And jokes.

Every sound was a viper and every tickle was a tic.

We are scared of different things and it's awesome 
because we can protect each other then.
btw, breasfeeding a turtle?

He's more scared of spiders and heights.
And I get scared of snakes and darkness.

They are not our serious phobias but "preferences" I guess.

My orange is more intense because I have longer hair -> older hair.
Old and damaged (bleached) hair is stubborn what it comes to letting go of colours.

This hair reminds us from parrots and other pretty birds!
So happy with it :)

skirt: hello sweetie store (indie, hand made)
collar: thrifted
turtle bag: thrifted (wwf)
shoes: second hand (jeremy scott)

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