Sunday, 21 May 2017

Thoughts of the Day: Whale Butcher

Fire plays inside the lantern,
To keep light burning is the answer,
But how come regaining some fuel,
requires acts of somberly cruel,
Harvesting this precious oil,
Constantly needs more fat to boil,
Bones one shall split,
In order to keep the lantern lit,
Oh how the magnificent monster of the ocean,
Sings a song preserving their conscious clean,
Lullaby echoing around the depths,
As the rusty hook carves through living flesh,
It's a way to keep it fresh,
But also to make a dreadful mess,
Yellowed be thy bones,
Destined on top of the cobbled stones,
Hold the lantern and lighten the way,
for people who think they've nothing to pay,
To banish the Boogeyman lurking in the dusk,
Takes the life of innocent never asking to be an empty husk.

art by wörm

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