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Story: Bride of Elijah

Here's link for the last part: Encounter. Feel free to leave suggestions, improvement ideas or feelings how you think story should continue on the comments. Another lengthy chaper? Enjoy!

   Sun had rose little bit more on the other side of the Gunumrah. It was busy hour and everyone of the citizens practised their craft as lazily as it is the custom in these parts of Call'Cannth. 
   Melanie limped down on the stairs towards pleasant chatter of the inn. She was holding tightly from worn but sturdy banister which had probably been invaluable support for less and more intoxicated tenants. 
   Ab was following her closely arms ready in catching position if his master's bride's legs would give in. Thanks to his dark skin Ab was almost invisible in the shadows behind Melanie. This was suitable place to be if one would be a bodyguard. Ab could seem to appear from nowhere to clobber possible unwanted fortune hunters in search of bed warmer or 'female company'.
   Melanie reached the lowest floor of the inn and quickly noticed lanky Elijah among the wobbling crew. He was sitting alone at table, leaning over a pint with pipe in the other hand. Cozy fireplace behind behind him created a glowing halo around him. 
   Melanie recognized his thoughtful empty gaze. He had drifted miles away to the most sacred parts of his brain, probably wondering something philosophical. Elijah had always considered himself as a poet and philosopher even though neither of these attributes really had attracted Melanie. She had grown to understand poetry but her relationship with philosophy hadn't changed.
   "Hello, love." Melanie greeted making Elijah snap back to the reality.
   "Hey." Elijah grunted and took his legs off the chair on the other side of the table. "Feeling better?"
   "Yeah..." Melanie answered but stopped her sentence with a higher pitch like she was going to say something she really couldn't put into words.
   "That was? What can I say. I am pretty good making a lady happy." Elijah replied with a louder voice than he started with.
   Stupid as it might have seemed, all what she could really think was the sweet odor of fermented beverage that had been laying inside the inn's barrels for who knows how long. Mixed with stale old reek of tobacco created a combination not for Melanie's liking.
   "Okay, now tell me what's going on with all those scars." Melanie demanded.
   "Wouldn't you care how you go here in a first place?" Elijah interrupted and then continuing without giving her chance to reply. "Ab found you collapsed on the gates of this wretched hole."
   Some customers leered over the Elijah, who had clearly insulted their loved hometown.
   "Elijah... This is embarrassing we haven't even talked..." Melanie started but was once again interrupted loudly.
   "You're embarrassing. Running away like that. What's wrong with you?!" Elijah said with a increasing voice. 
   It was clear that he had something troubling on his mind which was only natural since last time they had spoken the discussion had ended inconclusive. 
   "I'll..." Ab said and started to make his way outside. "Wait outside. For a while." He stated and winked some of the residents to follow his example.
   "You're making a scene... We're both tired..." Melanie tried but she was getting tired of the situation; control the grown man's tantrum.
   "Look what happened to you! This is what I get for leaving you alone for a one second..." Elijah continued.
   "I was getting potions for my nausea and frankly, I was quite bored of your complains about last time..."
   "You insulted my manhood" Elijah breaks out and throws his pint to the wall with a clanking sound and alerting the innkeeper to grab his rifle under the desk. "How dare you behave. How dare you say things like that to me!"
   Melanie didn't feel like answering. Is this what she had asked for instead of just talking with her loved one?
   "Women... You're all the same..." Elijah stated like the discussion would have been over. Melanie, however, had have enough.
   "I am pregnant!" Melanie yelled. "I can't control myself 100% of the time!"
   Elijah laughed a little but he had realized the situation. He had missed her as well but he was acting just like a general jerk. Jerk he had always just ended up beating or even killing when in one of his many job occasions.
   "Mel, I am sorry. I just had to unload all that... You know... "
Melanie rose up she didn't feel like looking at him anymore. Her feet felt like normal, balm had done its job exclusively well.
   "I go take a fresh air. That tobacco is dreadful and you know I hate it when you drink. You act like idiot!" She said.
   Little nudge made her stop. Elijah had grabbed her arm with his scabby hands and she could feel the scars on his palm as he was tightening his grip.
   "Listen." He said. "I know women have it rough here but I have my own problems as well..."
   "Is that why YOU didn't want to be woman anymore, El?" Melanie interrupted and yanked her arm free, knocking down the chair to prevent him chasing her.
   "Mel, sorry..." Elijah started but the rest of his excuses, selfish attempts of self-defence were muffled by the door Melanie slam shut after her.

To be continued...


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