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Story: About Preventing Drunken Groom

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art by wörm

   Melanie entered outside hearing loud stumbling behind the recently shut wooden door. Elijah sure was feeling little clumsy among other things that his fiancée didn't had consider worth of her attention. 
   Ab was standing like a big hunk of the man he is, chewing a some sort of gum. It was probably made from something exotic what it came to scent that lingered around him like an aura of fruit.
   "Everything okay, miss?" Ab asked after noticing Melanie.
   "Yeah. Just to clear my head off from all that tobacco." Melanie stated and then glancing towards Ab's amazingly white teeth which had formed into a heartwarming smile.
   "And the alcohol? Ugh, I can't stand it either but what you can do when people just keep using them around you, right?" He said.
   Melanie nodded and quickly scanned the street in search of place to get away from the certain drunk that was struggling to get outside by the sound of it.
   "Ab, could you stand in here for me, please? Just for a second." Melanie asked.
   "And the burning bat. That's going to stay a while..." Ab said placing himself front of the door without really thinking her command more closely.
   "Thank you and now don't let anyone outside... Burning bat though?!" Melanie continued in disbelief - how come she hadn't noticed!
   "Yeah. Bat." Ab said blowing the bubblegum bubble casually. "Smells nice doesn't it? Not the bat but I've always liked fruity smells since all towns here seem to just smell like big pile of ..."
   "Do you think, El would've smelled it as well?" Melanie asked carefully interrupting Ab. 
She had always felt rude doing so. Nothing like her.
   "Maybe but master's sense of smell hasn't been the same since he was cured from... You know. The thingymajiggy. Now, what's its face... Haunt but don't you worry. I'll tell him nothing." Ab said as the racket rose behind him. "It would be just some unnecessary information in my opinion." Ab winked.
   "He sure was little more grumpy than usual. Thanks, Ab. I knew I could trust you with this." Melanie called out as she made her way into the vast stream of people who were busy living their lives as best as one could in the town like this.
   In the distance she heard how Elijah insisted his servant to tell where she had went. Ab wouldn't tell; he had helped her for once or twice even though it had every time been in his terms. Ab had always liked Melanie since she was fierce like women in his village. Most of the time though he had just wanted to mess with Elijah's social life to compensate lack of his own. One he had lost after becoming bodyguard of the wicked knight. 
   Ab's protective nature and hatred towards everything grim and serious had often made him seem little stupid for the outsiders. He is cobbler by trade and was known for his magical animal refugee back in his own country. However, everything was destroyed by the malicious gang of 'exterminists' who tortured to death all of his friends. Animals and people. He had referred this incident to "yester year" even though it had been almost a decade. 
   Melanie always had felt little sorry for Ab but debt is debt. In the end nobody knows what his heart truly desires but considered the amount of tragedy such sensitive man had had encountered one of them had to be some kind of demand for relief. Death maybe.
   Explosive nauseous feeling cut Melanie's thoughts short and made her leap into the darken, dirty alley to catch her breath. It was obvious that she was going to throw up. Melanie fought valiantly against the rising burst in her throat until it no longer was possible. Sadly, she hadn't eaten for a day so all she managed to painfully gag out was air and little stomach slime. Oh, how she loathed to be pregnant. Sometimes.
   Melanie rose her head and saw two figures standing in front of her. She couldn't believe her eyes; it was Xrir who was holding a sharp looking knife at strange man's crotch. Surprisingly man was smiling... lustfully.

To be continued...

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