Sunday, 14 May 2017

Random Ramble: (Weird) Vegan Struggles

art by wörm
Yesterday I faced a couple of vegan dilemmas... 
We had bought this really nice local lettuce (welcome back Finnish vegetables!)
and we had planned to eat salad that day.
I was about to rinse the lettuce when I noticed a tiny little bug...
"Do I have to kill it?"

It looked so fragile that I didn't dare to grab it so -I rinsed the lettuce.
When Ilar got home I confessed that I had just drowned an innocent bug.
He said: "Don't worry. Maybe it didn't die. Maybe it has a new home in the sink."

I know you can't help killing bugs (stepping on and breathing in) 
but you know 
it feels bad to be aware of killing them ;  ^  ;
I always do my best to help bumbles and caterpillars away from danger.

Killing bugs doesn't make you anti-vegan but -I just feel so guilty! :'D heh!

Another thing that happened was that 
I started crying 
when I saw a video clip of a turtle who had a plastic fork stuck in its nose.
I still feel like crying just thinking about it.
I never want to see animal torture videos. I don't need them to act vegan.
The clip was randomly in a middle of a Youtube video about recycling...
yeah, I couldn't watch the video till the end ^ - ^;

I've also seen nightmares about eating fish x___X

Just wanted to share... I bet some of you can relate to this :)
And if you can't, I hope you find this post entertaining (or depressing?).
Kinda awkward yes, but these have been my vegan struggles lately, hehe ^ - ^;


  1. I hate killing bugs too! Usually, I'll do my best trap them and then release them back outdoors :D
    ♡ Dulce

    1. YAY, me too :D bumbles and spiders are quite easy to save <3 it's awesome!!


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