Saturday, 20 May 2017

Random Ramble: Enough with the Rubbish

Here's little strange post about subject that we decided to share with you. To put it shortly: It's about littering the environment.

Woods we're taking our little walks and photo shoots is apparently considered a dump to some people.
This infuriates us. I mean come on. 
Recycling has been made hard for people without cars here in Turku but this is absurd. It's not an excuse to drag a broken bicycle, sofa or even car to the nearest forest and just leave it there like a hazardous garbage it is.
Here's a photo about our incident we came across while ago.
This clearly looks like an example or in the worst case, a protest against the note below:

"Collecting all kind of twigs and sticks, building of any sort of shelters or huts, making open fire such as campfires, harvesting sap or bringing scraps to the forest without landlords permission is strictly forbidden! These are not every-mans-rights!"

We agree with all of these. Children made treehouses/huts for playing purposes are not fine either but it's just the nature of the beast. :S Worst are these adults though who consciously straight up defile environment.

 All though this particular forest has not been taken care of very well in any way;  it's still a habitat and living organism and thus not supposed to be treated in a such dreadful way.
People should just stop throwing their trash into the woods.
How come anyone is suppose to live in this planet if we keep doing this?!

We like trubbish though... <3
(pic source)

Thanks for reading.

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