Thursday, 25 May 2017

Outfit: Uh-Oh

last post with this hair and 
my shorts gave me a huge camel toe...

Nothing wrong with camel toes <3
but we bet blogger would have blocked us because of
"sexually provocative pictures".

But I'm not gonna start wearing a bra.
Never again. Never ever again.

This used to be my favourite lipstick
before mat lipsticks came to my life.

collar: thrifted + diy
shirt: gift?
shorts: thrifted + diy
bear backpack: thrifted
suspenders: thrifted

This is my partner.
He is always hungry.
Like a zomboi.

Not really but he loves food.
Feet are not food.

It was cold outside.
And on our balcony too :S

A random lady told us that "you must be so in love."
We said "Yes." ofc :D
And that was just because we were holding hands while walking home.  
She was cute.

But here's an old post about our thoughts about 
It's an old classic... ;)

vest: thrifted
scarf: old + mystery
shorts: hand me down + diy
socks: old + mystery


  1. You are both so unique and stylish!

    I support wearing/ or not wearing what you find comfortable! I hate rules about clothing!

    1. aww thanks!! :D you are too <3

      YES!! we hate them too ;) <3

  2. Hauskat asut on both! :) Ja muumit yllä on toivottavasti aina hyvä olla!

    1. kyllä, muumit tekee kaikesta parempaa <3 kiitos, ihana!! :)


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