Thursday, 4 May 2017

Outfit: Sneaky Tattoos and Fresh New Hair

Yes! This happened :D <3
My second tattoo and I already feel like a tattooed lady :)

 I love the fact that this tattoo is not easy to hide
^ w ^
Makes me so happy and excited!

(of course I can hide it with my leggings but you know what I mean ;) hehe

 Feeling like a carebear.

 Here she is!!
My queen. We are gonna talk about them more in a separate post :)
We promise!!! <3

 But we hope you enjoy the generous sneak peeks ^ 3 *

We're super happy with the artist we chose!! He did stellar job.
Big fans!

 No tattoos?

 We're happy with the new hair colour too.
Happy happy happy!

 yay yay yay

 skirt: oh so old 
shoes: same
socks: same
carebear backpack: etsy (junkk yard/second hand)
suspenders: thrifted

 Ilar's tattoo family got a new member too!
His right arm got second tattoo :D it's turning into a sleeve!

 Baagi really loves his new art.
I love to stare at it too ^ 3 ^

 New hair!!
Our tattoos were quite fresh when we really had to bleach and dye our hair.
So we did it as easy as possible :D

 The ends were sooo blue that we had to use reds only. 
(no more blue... :'))

Left side is Splat's berry blast + loads of conditioner.
Right side is Splat's luscious raspberries + conditioner overload.

And we like it ;)

Have a happy day!

tie: old
T-shirt: Haldin
shirt: thrifted


  1. Oooh! Love the new tattoos!

    1. hehee :D happy to hear that <3
      thank you, Laura!! ^ w ^

  2. Todella hienot tatskat! Ihanan värikkäät ja paljon yksityiskohtia, just teille sopivat! :)

    1. Hihii <3 Kiitos niiin paljon ^ - ^ jeejee <3


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