Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Outfit: Hunt the Sun

 This text makes us giggle awkwardly
but it's so amazing too ;)

Leaves have finally started growing here!
It's starting to look so cute :)

Scarves are the best!
You can use them for everything.
They saved Ilar when it was raining during the short film shooting.

Pastel hair!
My sweet prince.



Look at that (soy)sausage scarf!

Sadly, right after our photoshoot session Baag's shoes broke their heel. RIP in pepperonis I guess... D,:

vintage ray ban jacket: hand me down
pants: ancient
belt: thrifted
scarf: mystery

We felt like dressing up as members of our private girl/boy gang...

I guess this fishnet-tummy-peek is in fashion now...
^ - ^;
for me it's okay because now it's socially acceptable that the top part of my tights is peeking, haha!
...or maybe I just still do it "the wrong way" * - *

Glad my queen's always got her sunnies with her.

Baagi called this one: Film Noir.
Why? Because of the lighting!

Girl needs her horns, right?

I love my fishnets with seams <3

My girl gang.

jacket: diy 
bag: ted baker (old)
shoes: underground
knife patch: ivana helsinki
badges: black milk
fishnets: so old
shorts: thrifted
shirt: hand me down


  1. Ihanat kuvitukset tuossa tyttötakissa! Ja keltaisen slogan on ihan totta! :)


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