Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Outfit: Baby Green Spring Monsters

Is it still too early to say that Spring is here?

Dressed up as a dandelion.

A monstrous dandelion.

We really like what they did with Pokémon Sun & Moon anime.

Another creepy eyes updo.
This time it reminds us of Pajamathur (Abathur) from Heroes of the Storm. 
We've been playing it because of Officer D.Va ;)) but OFC!
I bet you could guess who I'm playing in HOTS ;-D

I already want to make another eye candy updo.
They are getting yellow... 

set: hello sweetie store
dragon backpack: thrifted
glasses: andy wolf

Oh! He didn't see me there...

Bugs is wearing his  (pocket) fantasy monsters shirt.
Which he always points out as "super soft" and rubs his face against it.

Sunnies + pine tree reflections is a classic holy combo.

Pastel babe.

Happy Spring!
It's time to bike and hope it won't snow ;)

tie: thrifted
pants: gift


  1. YES!!! Green is my favv, really loving these looks. Also digging the Pokémon co-ord!
    ♡ Dulce

    1. ^____^ yay!!! we're big fans pf green too <3

  2. Ihanaa kevättä ilmassa! :) Todella söpö mekko, ja tuo eyeball-hiustyyli on mahtava! ;)

    1. kyllä :D <3 hihi kiitos, kirppu ^____^ kiva, että tykkäät!!


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