Thursday, 18 May 2017

Life update: Mini-series and animation

It has been a while and I decided to write one of these again to catch you up what we've been doing lately (along with our blog).

Most of our time and I really mean lion share of it has sinked to our summer studies once again. We got to experience them last year and it was a blast. 
I won't go much into detail how nice it was but 
Page from Wörm's last year's summer project

So into the subject of "what we're planning to do this summer".
This Spring has been quite busy for us and to be honest I hadn't thought my "summer plans" through - I didn't know what I exactly wanted to write! 
I knew I wanted to write a TV-series during summer but since I've been otherwise occupied I hadn't had a chance to write treatment for it. I had synopsis for quite a load of scripts but I often write 2 or more treatment drafts before writing anything to format.

Luckily, I am married to such lovely and bright woman, who suggested me to write mini-series from character I've created to my fantasy world and I was set to straight away!
I decided to write two mini-series from same world to cover two individual and much different side characters of the steam punk fantasy series I am planning to write for my graduation work.
I can't wait! Thanks, Lind my dear, you're the best!

Here's the loglines for the mini-series I am writing:

1. Teenage minded clockwork zombie joins a mysterious thief organization and finds out the inequalities within the society.

2. Dwarven heroine accompanied by the handless apprentice tracks down the gruesome mythological beast as her husband is dying to plague.

This is good chance to talk about her summer projects in which I've taken part of. Lindwörm is planning to make a whole puppet stop motion animation during summer. Pretty ambitious would you say?

Lind wanted me to write script for the animation and that has been the most time consuming project this month. I've enjoyed doing it very much and for no surprise; working with my best fried has been quite fun to put it lightly.

Lind threw me some ideas what she wanted animation to include. She wanted screenplay to be rambling and extensive so the idea went bit over board and in the end the expected length of this animation is going to be about 14 minutes. (@,@)
We might need to edit the story little bit more in the storyboard phase but that's all right.

Here's a logline for our animation:

Surrealistic puppet animation about a woman who magically loses her husband and when searching him she finds out the hatred towards their happy marriage.

Wörm in the other hand has been working with the eleven dolls that film is going to contain. They're great looking IMO.
Needless to say we are in a little rush to get things done.
I am currently quite finished with the script (draft number 6) but everything else is still in the crafting stage.
However, since we're hardworking couple, we know we get this done by the end of the summer; in a way or another. ;)

Two dolls she has been making.

This is from another doll to showcase different techniques she's using. There's many more but I thought this looked so nice in camera. :D

We need to go thrifting again, which is fine because we enjoy it. (We took a little break from it because it looked like we exhausted Turku's thrift stores few months ago.) Thrift stores are amazing places to find puppet animation props.

Along with these we're planning on finishing our last summer projects (Lind's comic and last draft of my feature length movie screenplay). This is going to be amazing summer!

I was going to write something else that we've done lately but this looks like long enough as is.
Thanks for reading!

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