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Story: Encounter

   Here's link for the last part: Dealing with Defilement. Feel free to leave suggestions, improvement ideas or feelings how you think story should continue on the comments. Enjoy!
This one is quite long one to catch up with my laziness this month!

art by wörmz
   Xrir arrived to the streets of the Gunumrah. Cobblestone road felt good under her feet. There were no sharp rocks to lacerate through her cloth shoes like the jagged rocks at the sea shore would do to a beached whale. 
   Rest of the journey had felt heavy, a walk of shame, at first but had then relieved, lifted a little even though it was still cloudy in her mind. 
   Xrir's will to survive and determination had carried her this far but it wasn't over yet. No, there still were some questions to answer.
   As the shopkeepers and merchants appeared from the shadows with their clunky wagons Xrir started to feel odd on her stomach once again. She didn't feel like watching towards anyone. Pressure raised behind her eyes and she felt like bursting in tears even though she had decided not to cry anymore. No, not for anything. It wouldn't do any good for her. All it would truly accomplish would just to crush open the dam of pent-up hopelessness. The feeling of not belonging among the humans or even with anything remotely humane. 
   It's an awful feeling. Something that let's the grim thoughts of violent nature sneak up on you without a warning, and make you do awful things to yourself with a sharp, rusted edge of the blade.
   Xrir was above all that even though her body insisted otherwise. However, this how she felt as her hands caressed the large wooden door. 
   She had noticed the familiar sign at the top of the doorway. It had suggested irresistible offer, the salvation of the human world. Comfy bed and something to eat.
   Little house spirit pushed the inn's door open. Place felt gigantic. With a quick inference skills she came up to conclusion that she was at the Eastern side of the Gunumrah. It was suburb of the ogres and trolls. Those who are considered unwelcome to Gunumrah. "The bruisers and brutes that are nothing more than a scum!" said every human resident of the Western side of the town.
   Racial differences scare humans but for Xrir this place was everything she had asked for. She didn't feel threatened by the snoring old ogre at the front of the fireplace or the large troll lady behind the counter neither she would have cared. She just wanted to rest in peace for a while and figure everything afterwards.
   Xrir walked to the counter, rising then up the large stool that was undoubtedly made from dried ogre mushroom which makes a good mushroom soup it must be said. Yes, she hadn't eaten for a couple days for now.
   "What's up, Goblin?" Innkeeper asked without turning towards her customer.
   "Umm..." Xrir hesitated.
She wasn't a goblin. She's a house spirit which genetically are closer to fairies. Hell, even the fairy would have been more appropriate. Wow, wow, calm yourself. Let it slide this time. Xrir convinced herself and took a deep breath. She was little sensitive but who wouldn't after what she had been through lately.
   "Well?" Troll said.
   Troll had turned facing up to her, waiting for answer.
   "I'd like to have a room and something to eat... Please." Xrir said.
   "Fine but here we introduce ourselves first. Let me teach you..." Troll began.
   Xrir rolled her eyes. 
   "Stay calm, she's just doing her job." She whispered herself quietly.
   Xrir had visited in Eastern Gunumrah five years back and this had been fine. Needless to say that things were little different back then and at the moment she didn't feel like chatting. 
   "My name is Cren, short for Cerennergarthure..." Troll continued.
   "Hello, my name is Xrir. I come from house of Galen and would love to have room and something to eat."
   "Well, here the guest always introduces themselves first. You got the where you come from correct but missed the profession." Cren smiled but the tint of arrogance was noticeable.
   Xrir looked back on her and tapped the counter.
   "But I'll let it slide since you look like you've gone through a lot." Cren said and handed the key for Xrir. "But just this once, young lady."
   "Thank you..." Xrir replied but couldn't find the correct word used by the ogre family to show appreciation. "Your trollness?"
   "Close enough." Cren said. "Correct term is Re'am and for food we have venison, beef, pork, dragon flesh and..."
   Gren paused as she took a glance from menu.
"..goat guts which might be little old since they've from last weeks batch. They're sold little lousily but we're waiting more for next..."
   "Is there something non-meaty?" Xrir interrupted shyly.
   "Well, every meal comes with mushroom soup." Cren answered.
   "Just a soup then, please, Re'am." Thank you.
   "Okay. Would you like to get it with you or shall I serve it to your room?"
   "Yes, please." Xrir said grabbing the key with her and hopping down from the stool.
   "Yes what?" Cren asked.
   "Oh, to my room... Sorry I..." Xrir said while sweeping her hair back. "I forgot what I was going to say..." She laughed awkwardly.
Cren smiled and nodded forming a word 'okay' with her lips.
   Xrir smiled and started to make her way to stairs.
   "It's room 4 and located this floor just back at the hall next to you, young lady, Xrir" Cren hollered.
   "Thank you, Re'am, Cren." Xrir curtseyed and then continued. "And I am unemployed. Currently. If you must know."
   "Well, sorry to hear that. Welcome to my inn." Cren smiled and vanished to kitchen.
  Xrir didn't really know why she said that. Ogres and trolls are very proud of their professions, and even though that welcome was probably meant to be taken as sarcastic, it had felt warming. Warming like the blazing fire place before the cold night or emptiness of the void. She was safe now. Safe.

To be continued...


  1. Glad that there was a vegetarian option even in this universe! :)

    1. Yeah, some little details like this are something personal I want to I include to my stories. :) People always seem eat meat in fiction (unless the fiction is about plant based diet). I really don't know why...


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