Sunday, 9 April 2017

Story: Dealing With Defilement

   Here's link for the last part: Reunion of Forgotten. Feel free to leave suggestions, improvement ideas or feelings how you think story should continue on the comments. Enjoy!
You're getting more of these since story has taken little bit of hiatus lately!

art by wörm

   It was a cold early morning at the edge of Call'cannth. Sun was not about to rise at least for a couple of hours and almost every critter was having a rest after hard day. 
   Xrir was laying face down at dirty soil. She was shivering but not from the gathering frost on the flimsy blades of grass that were waving in gentle wind. Xrir rose her head slowly and touched her cheek, bruised to a colour of plum. 
   She turned on her back and coughed loudly. Her clothes were covered in drops of blood which had provided nonexistent cover from the violent blows of a strange man. 
   Little house spirit felt herself more a human than ever before. She felt equal in a worst possible way, like a subdued human woman that was nothing more worth than a rag.
   Xrir tried to rise up against the cold steel gate but was unable to find her bearings and collapsed back on muddy ground. Her ribs were fractured from several parts and even for the magical creature those wouldn't heal over a night... or day. The track of time, movements of the sky's big burning wheel had became irrelevant in the middle of this emotional and physical chaos which this one unlucky woman had forced to experience.
   "Ugh..." Xrir groaned and squeezed her eyes shut so tightly as she could that any light couldn't get in or out. 
   She could still hear grunting of the stranger followed by the disturbing sounds of joy as he was humiliating his victim.
   "Teaching a lesson for you..." Echoed out of Xrir's mouth.
No matter how much she hoped the leaden footsteps that diverted away were her only tangible source of comfort from the brutal incident.
   She didn't know which was worse, feeling desecrated for a moment or facing the outcome that had left her in state of utterly destroyed.
   "Why me..." Xrir asked herself out loud. "Why this had to come part of me... Why?"
   She opened her eyes and saw a wild stag staring at her. Xrir felt like crying looking at the stags soothing eyes.
   "You're blind aren't you?" Xrir whispered to a stag after noticing the endless grayness within its eyes. 
  Grayness which looked like a floating morning mist at the top of the calm sea, waiting a ripple to break its harmony.
   Large scar pierced through stag's chub. It had been an axe of some sort she was sure of it. Probably from a huntsman or a witch graving for organs.
   "But your scar has healed. It have been a moment hasn't it?" Xrir stated as the stag continued to stare her. Listening. Agreeing.
   "you've survived." Xrir said "Just as I am going to."
Xrir didn't know was it in her head but stag seemed to nod towards her, giving her heads up, encouraging her to get up.
   Man had injected something vile inside her. It was toxic to her mind but she was going to get over it.
   Xrir collected all her strength and rose up. It was painful but the pure strength of will was able to defeat any physical obstacle.
   Even though stags are dangerous at this time of the year she didn't feel afraid. Neither should she as the stag continued its way back to the forest. It had done its job.
   Xrir grabbed a dried up branch from the ground to use as a crutch. She shook of the excess dirt and straighten up her dress.
No more self pity. It wouldn't get her to Gunumrah to solve her problems. She had a monster to kill... or maybe even couple.


  1. Nice! Jotenkin kolean maiseman näkee mielessään lukiessa ja paikannimessä C on jotain kelttiläistä vivahdetta... :)

    1. Sellaiseksi itsekin kuvittelen maiseman. Olen ollut aina suuri fani keltti mytologialle :D


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