Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Outfit: Milky Bones

 Milky bones and witchcraft.
It's fun to dress up in b&w from time to time :)

I had lipstick on my teeth... again :D hehe!


 Lazy bear <3
our friend

 This skirt is a bit big from the waist
BUT who cares because the print is so cute :)

And we don't have to dress up in tight/fitting clothes 
to know that we look good ;) right?

 This bones print dress is by Lazy Oaf...
It's the worst and this is the last time I'll ever wear it.
It got into this bad ugly condition (so much lint on my boobs D: ) 
immediately... Not good quality from a "brand"....

But yeah...
I just wanted to wear it one time in pictures before saying RIP to it.
Hope it looks okay in the full-frame images.


 glasses: gift
dress: lazy..... ugh
skirt: thrifted (benetton)
shoes: gift (adidas)
bear backpack: thrifted

Fun fact: Cow's milk doesn't make your bones strong D:

 Ilar was a true wizard that day.

 Or a hobgoblin shall we say.

 This print is the best!!
It's so witchy and awesome :D

hat: gift
jacket: old
shirt: fennec design co (etsy)
shoes: thrifted


  1. when the images are done loading i /screamed/ beCAUSE YOUR HAIR OMGGGGGG so cute:") my thin hair would never let me do that;_; im so envy at people that can do buns to their hair;_; me so envyyy!;_;
    lmao lipstick always getting their way to my teeth i wonder why,,,:-/
    VERY SECONDING THIS--> "And we don't have to dress up in tight/fitting clothes
    to know that we look good ;) right?"
    as a person that hates dressing in tight fitting clothes i really approve that:-) since everyone around me loves tight fitting
    i like your cow skirt:D you look like a cute cowgirl^_^ANd your eye makeup OMG!!! very loving it:D

    1. awwww RAFA <3 sooo glad to read your comment ^___^ <3 <3
      I use those foamy things to make the buns big (and the foam can be seen under my hair :'D hehe)

      yay!! so glad you agree :D for me it was harder to stop wearing tight fitting clothes when I was surrounded with people like that too... :S I feel so much happier now!! <3

      THANK YOU SO MUCH lovely lovely Rafa :D <3

  2. Love the black and white theme. :P Your hair with the unexpected black and white prints looks so amazing! Love your glasses, too! <3

    - Anna


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