Sunday, 23 April 2017

Outfit: Love in the Fairytale Forest

Loads of bright colours to lure Spring out of its cave.
No more hibernation!
We want flowers and leaves :D

 <3 U !

This bag has a special place in my heart
It kinda saved me.

It started this chain reaction that eventually lead into somewhat big changes in my life.
Nothing good comes without some bad and suffering (at least in my life)
but I couldn't be happier now.
^____^ <3
I'm forever grateful for this bag.

Even if you're a gift from an evil person and even if you're made of leather by uninspiring artist
I <3 U <3bag!!!

I'm still feeling like this with my makeup.
Rules are for losers ;) <3
And I really do mean that, haha! ;D

Hearts are symbols of positivity to me.
Try to always stay positive!

 bag: Minna Parikka
dress: Ivana Helsinki
skirt: thrifted
leggings: black milk
legwarmers: hand made + hand me down
shoes: thrifted (Adidas by Jeremy Scott)

It's been raining a lot lately.
Snow and water.
And stuff in between them...

Rain is good for Spring 
-but... Bugs' class is filming a short film atm... outside :(
He's wet as a rat when he comes home at night.

I hope he doesn't get sick.
I'm so sorry for him :'( 
Gladly it's the last day today.
What it comes to filming outside.

Stay positive ;)

shirt: thrifted
vest: thrifted
t-shirt: mr gugu and miss go
belt: thrifted
shoes: irregular choice


  1. I enjoy seeing your colourful outfits! Wish we could meet!

    1. we wish that tooo <3 :D thank you so much, Laura ^ - ^

  2. Agreed! Things tend to happen that way in life. A negative creates a positive. :)
    Your outfits and new makeup looks are alway a treat!


    1. YES :D <3
      thank you so much, lovely Adi <3<3

  3. Ihana sydänlaukku ja lookki! Ja yhdistelmä ruutua ja raitaa! :)

    1. ^______^ kiitos, kirppunen <3<3<3<3

  4. *A* I am obsessed with heart shaped things!! I'm glad it brings so much positivity to you :D
    ♡ Dulce

    1. they are the BEST >w< hehe, yeah :D <3


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