Friday, 7 April 2017

Outfit: Basic Colours Are Not For Basic People + new hair


It's fun to take pics in our forest in Spring time
because we can go to weird fun places like this one :)

It's brutal to walk there tho :S
water damage and never melting icy roads...
poor feet!

We had to go blue because the pink was not coming off :')
But blö is always a goodie good good.

Troll Lind.

shirt: hand me down
skirt: hand me down
bag: ted baker (old)
leggings: black milk
suspenders: thrifted

Ilar decided to go full on 
fast food style.
With his awesome cap!

We have this quote we llllove to use (almost daily)...
we saw a drunk young man buying french fries.
He was really determined and shouted:
"Gimme two!"
We loved the energy :'D

And also back in Lahti they called french fries (ranskanperunat) "ranet".
It was so confusing because "Rane" is also a masculine (nick)name in Finnish.
But they just used it casually :'D
Well... why wouldn't they!

New hair!
The dark blue is splats blue envy + conditioner. 
Lighter blue is Arctic Fox's periwinkle. 
Purples are Arctic Fox's Girls night.
Greenish ends are Arctic Fox's Neverland.

Orange is splat's orange fire balls and rubine mixed with conditioner.

cap: old
shirt: thrifted (marimekko)
pants: thrifted
jumper: gift

Anyone there?


  1. Omgosh, Omgosh. Your hair!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Love your skirt, too!

    - Anna


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