Monday, 3 April 2017

Life Update: In Process of Creating Moving Image

Hello! How're you?
We're doing splendidly since some of our school workload has lifted lately. Let's have a glimpse what we've done!
It has been a quite rough month what it comes to these projects it must be said.
This is a puppet made by Lind.
It's for an upcoming puppet animation practice and thus naturally is proper to animate.
She used latex for the first time and likes the style and the results even though less of the technique 
(it's unforgiving).

All of her time has sunk into making this puppet and set pieces.
Wow... isn't it cute?
This is a screenshot from a short film I was making with my class last November. I was gaffer and to be frank quite proud of my work even though this scene didn't end up in the final movie. 
In case you're curious; gaffer is in charge of lighting.
This was a rough one I'll tell you that.
All that darkness and cold... Needless to say working conditions weren't the best. '>,<

Short film is epic black comedy about Cudgel War.

This is other short film I've recently finished and was also shooting in early November with same crew. I worked as a recording mixer and sound designer. 

Short film is thriller about violent nature within humans.

I was really happy working in these projects because I can't just write screenplays in this school.
My class is already in for another project and we're supposed to film it next month. 
I am working as a gaffer once again but luckily film happens in studio which is a lot more fun to set up.

What else we've done? Well, more exchange stuff and got a tattoo...
Don't worry we'll show them to you when they've healed little bit more ;)

Thanks for reading!
Have a pleasant evening / day wherever you are. :D


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