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Story: Reunion of the Forgotten

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art by lindwormmm

   Creature scratched the window with its long nails which were sharp as a razor. They left scars to the clear surface of the window. Melanie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She started counting in hope of passing time. Maybe it would leave.
   "Let me in." it whispered quietly.
   Whisper was slightly muffled by the increasing wind outside. It was going to rain this evening she could feel it. Tap. Tap. Creature insisted clearly unable to see how Melanie couldn't to move. 
   Melanie opened her eyes. Figure was still outside the window. Like a scarecrow it stood there, with large claws pierced through the wood of flimsy window frame.
   "I don't know how." Melanie said.
   "You do. You know me." Creature said little louder with a voice that glowed humanity.
   Melanie felt how numbness took off step by step, accelerating rapidly. She had thought if she should call for Elijah but she decided not to. She wanted to protect it.
   "Go away. I don't want you here." Melanie replied.
   She truly knew the thing. It was one of the forgotten. One of those exiled by their own kind. Partly human, partly vampire yet less than neither of those. More like the spiky bush of thorns that repel anyone willing to go through. Unwanted.
   "You do. Woman." Creature hissed as it searched for the handle. "Now. Please." 
   "Bren. You're on your own. I can't help you..." Melanie stuttered then.
   "Abandon your one and only brother you say?!" Bren said little louder as the sign of frustration.
   Bren found the ornamented handle and squeezed it down. Melanie heard how her brother led out a shriek, leaving air smelling like burnt flesh afterwards. 
   Shriek probably had drowned under the cozy chatter of the inn below since the guard outside hadn't heard anything. And there was a guard, she was sure of it. A big brute of a man called Ab, Elijah's squire and long time friend. Foreign in these parts of Sungleam forest. Ab's skin was just as dark as his master's thoughts.
   "I am sorry, Bren. He's here." Melanie whispered.
She tried to rise up with a great effort; like a ball and chain had tied around her neck. She was almost fully recovered and managed to force herself up sitting at the edge of bed.
   "Damn, that Elijah! You can't abandon your family, Melanie! Remove the warding spell and I will..." Bren said holding his hand.
   "No. You just need me to help you as always! Elijah is protecting me as I am him. If he sees you here. He will kill you!" Melanie continued and turned around to look at her brother. 
   She didn't feel like walking. Her legs felt like they couldn't carry even though she had lost a lot of weight. Bren answered her the look with his crude mutated face of a half man, half bat. It was clear that he was sad but kept it inside like a man for his own standards.
   "You look so much more human, now sis." Bren said squinting his yellow eyes. "But I see you've done what I said not to." 
   "Bren..." Melanie tried to interrupt her brother but without a success.
   "How many tries it took, huh? Five? Ten? How many times that filth defiled you? Exposed you to the lord of void in order to gain what he wants?!" 
   Melanie was quiet and looked down on the floor. Why she had to take another leap after she had already literally jumped off the edge? and from whom? 
   Bren waited for the answer, a counter attack one he had got used to. Just like when they were kids. 
   Melanie stood up. It was hard, like standing on top of formation of rocks. She was shaking and had to take support from the bed.
   "I was scared at first when I saw you. I am not anymore though."
   A large frog on her throat kept growing, it felt unbearable to say such words to a man she was once considered to be her friend.
   "I carry his creation. Our creation. Curse you, my dear brother. Fly away. Let us never speak again." Melanie said holding back tears.
   "Well, I am good as dead as you're ill it seems. Good bye sis, have a nice life." Bren said and jumped off as the wood splinters escaped from the frame after his quick exit.
   Melanie watched as her brother flew out into the twilight horizon. 
   Forgotten ones share psychic connection with their blood relatives. It was the way how he was able to trace her. Luckily it was him and not their parents.
   Door opened and Ab stood there. He had heard the noise from the frame.
   "What was that?" Ab asked with his surprisingly high pitched voice.
   "Ugh..." Melanie didn't managed to answer. 
Frog had grown into a snake. Poisonous kind that would rip open all those past wounds, poisoning them, all in order if she would be one to tell Ab who had visited her.
   "It seems you're able to stand, milady." Ab continued. "Shall I inform, Mr. Elijah? He's downstairs."
   "Yes, please." Melanie said. 
Ab nodded and turned around. He was barely unable to fit the door.
   "And Ab. It was just a piece of wood." Melanie said. "That hit the window I mean. Piece that had flown a long time in search for this very window to struck on. I am honest it scared me though."
   Ab looked at her and nodded leaving to the dark descending stairway. She wasn't sure if he had smelled the scent of monster flesh that still lingered around the room. It wouldn't matter since he would find out. Soon enough.
To be continued...


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