Saturday, 11 March 2017

Outfit: Student and the Teacher + new hair!!

New hair is the best time of the month...
or at least one of them ^ w * <3

Because the ends of my hair turned "swamp gold"
we were inspired to wear greens :)

Green! <3

Our new friend ; w ; 
he is the cutest and sweetest dragon.
He's called Vladimir.

Oh! Yeah :D
I needed to borrow Ilar's cute glasses.

Just because they are so cute <3

and I wanted round glasses with round buns.

I've been forced to travel by bus 40-50 mins to get to school.
I have to go to the central and change the bus too.
It stresses me out :(
And one day this man sat next to me in the bus, looked at this skirt and said:
"Be careful. People will think you're a hippie. Or maybe you really are..."

So yeah... Green skirt means you're a hippie.
Even/especially if you're wearing a furry coat and neon beanie.

I'm always scared when I see the man near/in the bus
> ^ <


Swamp gold!
I had really mixed feelings about it...
But I decided I loved it :D
it's unique
and unique... is perfect!


I hope you like my buns
because I'm gonna wear them a lot now that my hair is long enough :D

(especially when it's warmer and I don't have to protect my ears)

shirt: thrifted
skirt: thrifted
glasses: Ilar's (gift)
dragon bag: thrifted

Ilar has the perfect swamp gold vest!
It's so pretty :)

Ilar is also a perfect nerd.

Lets go through the hair colour.
we used a lot of splat: pink fetish, orange fire balls and blue envy -mixed with conditioner.
Some pink fetish parts were mixed with direction's rubine.
Black is direction's ebony (love it!) and the yellow is some random yellow toner-
Green is lime twist... Yeah :D it looks much darker because the ends were a bit bluish.

Arrow and green in the back is lime twist too.

"Hey teacher!"

We've been watching Riverdale lately...

Episode 3 

vest: thrifted
tie: thrifted
pants: old
suspenders: thrifted
glasses: gift


  1. Love the hair buns! Why do men say such weird things? What's wrong with being a hippie?

    I like the shaved shapes on Ilar's hair.

    1. aww thanks <3 :)
      ikr :( I didn't know what to say to him... so absurd.

  2. I adore what you do with your clothes , makeup and hair!

    1. aww!! thank you so much, lovely :D <3

  3. Mahtavat hiukset! Molemmilla on coolit värit ja nuo Princess Leia nutturat on ihanat! :)

    1. :D hihiii!!! kiitos niin paljon, kirppu <3

  4. Love, love, love!!! Swamp Gold is the perfect name for this color.
    ♡ Dulce

    1. yay hehe glad you agree with us :D <3 thank you so much, dear Dulce <3

  5. whaaa you both look amazing, the hair colour is PERFECT and so are your Princess-Leia-buns :) ♥

    1. ^___^ <3 thank you so much!!! you are so kind, rabbit heart <3


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