Sunday, 19 March 2017

Outfit: Snö Leopard

The snow was really crispy that day.

 Snö penguin.

I hardly ever wear this dress 
because it's not that practical ;)
It's a hot thick dress with no sleeves... 

I love the print tho (pink leopard!)
so I'm happy to wear it <3

Simple makeup :)
Some snowy glitter and lilac hearts.

I love this new beret sooo much <3
it's black which is a new colour in my collection :)

beret: thrifted
cardigan: haldin
carebear bag: junkk yard on etsy
dress: minna parikka (old)
leggings: black milk

This is Ilar's leopard style.

Orange/natural leopard style.

Doesn't the hat look like a cute character? :D
A robotic one.

Little sunshine in the woods.
Thumbs up.

Have a lovely weekend guys!
I know we are really enjoying it <3
goggles: hand me down
hat: gift
vest: hand me down
scarf: hand me down
shirt: thrifted


  1. Ihana leoparditeema! Ja todella söpö villatakki ja cool top-hat laseineen! :)

    1. hihiiii ^ - ^ <3 kiitos oikein paljon, ihana kirppu :D


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