Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Outfit: EverOrange

This is pretty much my go-to outfit in winter when we're in hurry.
Warm and comfy.
And this place is evergreen <3

The dog is the best bag with a big winter coat.

The running koala beanie is my fave hat too!
Yellow <3

Random makeup!

beanie: running koala
dress: thrifted (marimekko)
leggings: black milk
dog bag: thrifted (originally a pencil case)

Ilar has been wearing these brown pants a lot during the winter.
He is not always happy about it because his go-to coat is brown also...

That vest is a new fave and so is the yellow jumper!
We love yellow :D

When the weather gets so warm that Ilar doesn't have to wear a beanie...
he is the happiest!
Spring summer fashion - here we come 
^ 0 ^

Practicing mid summer spells...
oh summer <3

vest: thrifted
jumper: gift
pants: hand me down


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