Sunday, 5 February 2017

Tom of Finland Movie

Here's a little post about Tom of Finland once again!
We keep doing these because we think these are quite important considering sexual minorities rights.

(pic from imdb)

So, there's going to be a charity pre-show for the upcoming Tom of Finland movie at Helsinki 13.2.2017.
Which I tell more for our Finnish readers on the link on the top right of the page (that you might have noticed).
Movie is Directed by Dome Karukoski (who's quite popular director in Finland) and even though we're not fans of his movies we think this is important for the sexual equality for Finland and hopefully for the world!
The movie itself is Touko Laaksonen's biography drama.
In case you didn't know who Tom of Finland is he was a Finnish homoerotic fetish artist.
Movie Premiers in Finland 24.2 at Finnkino.
Yay Tom!

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