Saturday, 4 February 2017

Story: State of Mind

Here's the link for the last part: Creepy Crawlies. Feel free to leave suggestions, improvement ideas or feelings how you think story should continue on the comments. Enjoy!

art by lindworm

Dirt road grumbled under Xrir's feet with a steady yet rapid pace. The amulet must have followed her from another dimension, that was only explanation. Just like it had a mind of its own!
   The man was still following her making Xrir unable to concentrate serenity around her. How magical mist of faerie dragonics floated above the forest pond that was glimmering in the sun. It was time for seasonal pond cleaning. Faeries polished the rocks and cleaned the sand with a help of little lavender dragons.
   How it had got into this? She has never been afraid of a random guy? She felt disgusted of herself, even though she knew she shouldn't. The fear was overwhelming. She had been violated by a monster! For some reason more she thought about it, the more bad she felt, smaller, more vulnerable than ever before. Xrir felt like bursting in tears, wishing the man would get the point and stop. Just stop. Following her. Please.
   Xrir reached the gate of the Gunumrah, that meant town in the woods. It was rumoured that Gunumrah was inhabited with suspicious magician that practice unethical forms of magic. 
   Xrir stopped to gate to take a breather but sudden tug on her shoulder got her turning around. It was the man. Man who had followed her intensely. He was much larger than Xrir and looked annoyed. Man squeezed her shoulders hard, making her impossible to struggle against.
   "What are you doing..." Xrir asked with shaky voice, even though she tried to sound as menacing as she could.
   Man stared her in disgust and his gestures became increasingly repressive. He pushed her against the steel gate where sharp spikes weigh down on her spine. 
   "Let me..." Xrir stuttered.
   "Shut up!" Man replied and pressed his face next to hers. "Do not do that again, rat!" He whispered between his yellow decayed teeth.    Rotting breath seized horrified little house spirit.
   "You're not allowed to step into this city until I AM finished with you." He growled raising his hands to Xrir's throat and started strangling her.
   "Stop!" Xrir wheezed.
   "I'll give the orders here! You will not treat..." Man started but was interrupted by a sharp kick to knee which made him loosen his grip. Xrir had found her inner strength and signaled that she wouldn't go down without a fight!

To be continued...


  1. Pelottava jakso, mutta ihana idea ja mielikuva alussa, että keijut siivoavat ympäristöä... :)

    1. :D Kiitos lukemisesta ja kiva, että tykkäsit! Jännitys tiivistyy!


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