Sunday, 19 February 2017

Story: In Place

Here's the link for the last part: State of Mind. Feel free to leave suggestions, improvement ideas or feelings how you think story should continue on the comments. Enjoy!  

   Melanie opened her eyes. She was laying on a soft bed. Melanie wasn't feeling like moving. She felt sick on her stomach and comforting sounds from the inn below didn't bring any consolation. It was clearly an early night, the moment where sun just had dose off behind the moors.
   "You've healed well." Rasp voice said across the room.
   "Elijah?" Melanie replied in disbelief.
   Melanie tried to move but noticed herself unable to even how much she wanted to. Elijah walked to her and kissed her forehead from behind the bed making Melanie unable to see him.
   "Shh, now. Don't try to move. Stay calm, please." Elijah said "You're poisoned pretty bad..."
She was shocked. Poisoned? Thoughts escaped from her mind.
   "We're trying to cure your lifeblood with... Well... Stay put." Elijah groaned.
   "Wait, Elijah!" Melanie yelled.
   Melanie heard how door squeaked after limping foot steps. She was all alone with her thoughts, paralyzed to the core. She didn't want to think the events of the past and how she got here in a first place. 
   Chatter of the inn sounded pleasant. There were people talking about something ordinary, like how falling leaves had blocked the chutes all over the town and how troublesome it was to clean them.      Knock. Knock. Knock. Little continuous knocking and flapping rumored about intensive game of dices. People were probably playing for something suspicious, probably even organs for the dark magics. This was shady Gunumrah after all. Suddenly, Melanie thought she had heard scratching from the roof. She quickly made up the conclusion that she was located in top floor. Sound was unpleasant. It didn't sound like a bird, it was something larger. 
   Melanie moved her eyes as much as she could. Little tingling in tip of her fingers was the sign, a glimmer of hope of ending numbness. She could spot the silhouette of the window at the upper part of the right wall. Inside the window were intact shadows of the buildings. Standing dead still as the yellow light of the street lanterns and torches lighted up the way. 
   Melanie focused all of her energy to move her eyes to see window on the left. It was hard, she couldn't grasp even her littlest muscles. She pushed and finally managed to look outside of the window. View looked identical. Melanie felt paranoid because the odd scratching didn't seem to end. What was it? 
   Door smashed open behind her. The limping foot steps closed in. 
   "Here. Take this" Elijah said handing a vial full of glowing blue liquid to Melanie. "It helps the stomach ache."
   "For a brief moment I think I saw something on the window..." Melanie said as Elijah poured liquid to her lips, applying it softly. Something was off though.
   "Elijah, your hand felt strange. It was so cold and... scabby."
Bottle made a bopping sound when closed.
   "There's nothing. Rest." Elijah replied and left again the same way as he had come. "There's nothing outside."
   "Wait! Please, El..." Melanie yelled again but was interrupted by a sudden glimpse of shadowy creature behind the window. She was horrified. The thing was hunched but the closest thing what it reminded was a bat.
   She felt she could move. Maybe because of frighten adrenaline. Maybe because of Elijah lip balm. Melanie turned to look shadow of the window on the right wall. The thing was on the window again. It rose its hand and tapped the window. Tap. Tap. Melanie stared the shadow but wasn't afraid anymore. Tap. Tap. 
To be continued...

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