Thursday, 2 February 2017

Outfit: Winter Apples

 We hardly ever dress up in white... 
we should do it more because white is stunning!!
This look came to life just because we wanted to combine white with red.
We are super happy with the result :D
Hope you like it too 

 These guys are so helpful!
Thank you ^___^

 My heart is not black... it's... white?

 For some reason I'm getting Valentine's vibes from my look... :S
Maybe because I had an awkward conversation today (with an older Finnish lady)...
Why so many people are offended by couples who love spending time with each other.
So bitter.
Makes me sad.

 beret: thrifted
dress: vivetta
skirt: black milk
shoes: irregular choice
tights: old

 I was struggling with posing because the pumps were so slippery
so Ilar gave his best shot!

white + red does not mean xmas right?
Or does it?? :0

shirts: olds
pants: thrifted
shoes: ollld
suspenders: thrifted


  1. I'm getting a bit of a goblin/ brownie vibe from Ilar. Maybe it's the poses or red cap!

    1. :D haha!! yeah he is a true goblin!!

  2. you both look so cute! i love ur creativity

  3. Ihanat asut molemmilla! :) Ja toi sydäpaita ja nuo maagiset kengät on aivan mahtavia! :)

    1. hihi :D voi kiitoksia, kirppu <3 kiva, että tykkäät !!


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