Monday, 27 February 2017

Outfit: Gray Demons and Lazy Bears

Winter oh winter.

I find these glasses so cute !!
I hope you guys won't get bored of seeing them a lot... :S
I try to wear glasses more because 
GLASSES <3<3<3

Meet Mr. Lazy Bear.
He is super friendly and... chill.

We've been living like vampires lately...
Who needs sleep!...
When there's naps <3

 dress: old
skirt: hand me down
bear backpack: thrifted
leggings: black milk
glasses: gift

 So yeah
Ilar got a trendy jumper as an xmas gift.
He is a huge fan of jumpers but this one was the one those fast fashion jumpers that 
"a weight-lifting-dream-son-in-law" wears.

 Ofc Ilar's going to wear this jumper even if it's not 100% his style.
 And with a scarf! It hides the main error part ;)

 but the idea of wearing same clothing as our anti artistic "friends"...
inspired Ilar to pose like he was the strongest idiot in the world!!!

 So strong!

Dream bfs don't wear glasses! :S


 that's better!
What a charmer he is! *//////*

 Ah! This is my Ilar <3
The goblin kind.
Love him to bits :) 
(not being sarcastic now :'D.... I promise!) 

scarf: hand me down
jumper: gift
glasses: gift


  1. You always look so damn cute! <3 Love the color contrast with the ribbons and your hair.

    - Anna

    1. <3 awww!!! thank you so much, dear Anna :D


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