Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Outfit: Dream Partner + Happy Friend's day!

we got to take pictures on a foggy morning :D
It was after a super boring lecture. We had taken the camera with us and planned to take outfit pics before going to do foley.
So lucky ^____^

I was wearing a new hand me down set
and my lovely new doggy bag.
Velvet overload <3

These are the second pair of glasses I ever got :)
Brown was my favourite colour back then.
I still appreciate it!

I can't wear berets in the winter because they aren't warm enough :(
But sometimes I take them with me to wear at school :'DD


Sorry for the picture overload :D
I'm just too happy with these pics!!

set: hand me down
sharpei bag: thrifted
leggings: black milk
beret: thrifted
tove jansson brooch: katariina guthwert 

If you are wondering why I chose the title...
This is the reason!
I'm so happy with these outfit pictures :D 
The sun was rising so the fog was disappearing quickly.

So Ilar's pics turned into these teen boy band posters :D
It looks like he's standing on clouds.
Or maybe he is a cupid!

He also is my dream partner ofc :D <3
And dream best friend ^____^

Ilar's mascot of the day was a fox raccoon.

Ilar's other pair of glasses!
The bottom is see through plastic.
I really like the design :)

scarf: old
vest: hand me down
pants: hand me down
belt: thrifted
coat: hand me down
glasses: gift 

It's Ystävänpäivä today in Finland so
Happy Friend's day blogger friends!


  1. These are both awesome outfits!! :D
    Brown brings so much warmth in a foggy, snowy setting. I love these photos.
    In Mexico, we call it the Day of Love and Friendship (Día del Amor y Amistad). :)


    1. aw thank you :D <3
      that's so nicely said!! :D thank you so much, dear Adi

      awww <3 that is such a lovely and perfect name ; w ; <3


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