Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Outfit: Amppari -the Bumble

This outfit was inspired by Amppari popsicle :)
Pink and yellow should be a holy combo too!

Wearing loads of colours is the best in the gloomy winter time.

jumper: gift
pants: thrifted
belt: thrifted
tie: old

Ilar wanted to wear the hood part of our backpack as a... hat?

Entrée the beautiful Lindi!

Lind doesn't have that much pink clothes so she borrowed Ilar's shirt.
It's such a lovely shirt!
Thrifted find <3

After taking the pictures I remember that I have neon pink mermaid leggings :S
They would have been perfect!
But I think these are nice too :)

shirt: thrifted (Ilar's)
scarf: ??
ribbons: ??
suspenders: Ilar's
tights: old
shorts: thrifted
bag: yiddish chutzpah


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