Friday, 24 February 2017

Life update: School and Tom

This is a short life update what's going on.
 So, tomorrow we're going to go to the Tom of Finland movie premier! (If you're Finn, take a look from your nearest Finnkino for tickets.) 
On Saturday we're going to watch Tom of Finland stage musical! 
Don't you worry we're going to tell you exactly what we thought about these. We decided to watch movie before since it's easier to follow musical when you already know something dramaturgic about the topic.
It's going to be a blast we've sure been needing it lately...

We're almost done with our English course's assignments and they have been quite laborious I'll tell you.
I mean English is quite easy for us just the "official and professional language" is something to think about twice. xD

We've also tried to live as minimalistic as possible what it comes to food and household necessities. We have used only max 40€ per week (with less suffering as possible) and it doesn't even feel like saving! :D

That's us, how're you doing there?



  1. Hi guys,
    I'm sure you did great to the assignments!
    Hope you get to feed enough with 40€ per week.
    I'm going to the doctors for a pain to my right groin were I got a hip replacement. Will get a x ray and I hope it's nothing serious. XOXO

    1. Thanks, Frilly! And we sure do, thank you :D! Aww, we hope everything goes well! <3

  2. Hope the minimal living and courses are going well

    1. Minimal is going great and courses... well they're alleviating. (^,^')


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