Sunday, 12 February 2017

Herman's Amazing hair color -review

Herman's professional/amazing direct hair color
is a fairly new Finnish hair dye brand (made in Netherlands).
They are sold in Cyber shops and in their online store (shipping internationally).

They are cruelty free and vegan.
Even their bleach kit claims to be vegan (and cruelty free) which is something I've never seen before in Finland :D just WOW!!

Gladly we have a lil experience with this hair dye :)
So... we'll be able to review the brand for you. Yay!

About the shades that we have tried:

I've dyed my sis' hair with Daisy. It's one of the best yellows we've tried.
It's a strong happy sunny yellow.
It's more of a dandy lion yellow than a daisy ;)
It lasted crazy well (for a couple of months) and faded beautifully.
Highly recommend this yellow!

I've dyed my sis' hair with Bella and Peggy too.
Bella is a stunning (almost electric) true blue.
They both last amazingly well and don't start fading right away.

Dark gray. Somewhat warm toned.
we mixed this one with some purple and rubine 
and it made the shade slightly smoky and super pretty.
Used on its own it needs a perfect platinum hair (no yellow blond) to look pretty.
A hint of yellowish shade made it turn ugly moss gray... ew.

lighter gray.
When we used this one we mixed a lil bit of blue (so that it wouldn't turn mossy in our hair) with it and it turned into a beautiful smoky blue.
So we can't really tell if it works as a pure gray but thanks to it we finally got the trendy denim hair :D haha!

is black with blue tones. According to the staff at Cyber shop Dahlia turns more of a dark blue on light hair 
and black on darker hair.
They couldn't be more right. 
At least what it comes to lightened hair.
It was a pure dark blue when we used it on some strands of our hair.
So maybe if you want a cool blue hair you could use this dye.

They also have Sylvia and Veronica which are 2 different shades of  trendy silver.
I really appreciate Herman's selection of gray and silver shades. Never seen as good selection before!

They have a great selection of pastel/light shades:
Vicky (violet), Polly (pink), Thelma (turquoise), Rosie (peach)...
I think it's genius to make pastel shades because people are too afraid and lazy to make their own concoction of pastel shades. And pastels are still so so hot.
We are sadly not gonna buy these shades :( because we are poor unfortunate students, haha!

One pot 115 ml costs 12,90 € which is quite expensive.
Especially because they have so many pastel/light shades
 which are not good to be mixed with conditioner.
But I do understand the price because it's a Finnish brand after all...

The dyes are high quality.
The paste is thick (not as thick as directions) which makes them easy to work with.
Some of the shades are UV shades!! Which is really cool. Even if you don't go to raves etc they shine super beautifully :)

We do recommend Herman's hair dyes.
Not all the dyes are perfect but the overall quality and shades are superb :)
We are curious about their green shade called Olivia. It looks so unique and exciting!

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