Friday, 13 January 2017

Thrift + hand me down haul

Let's start whit the best find! The dragon bag! Amazing! It has a sweater and was only 2€. Really?! What a diamond! 
On top of all Lind even had no green animal bag yet (yes, dragons are animals even though mythical ones and in some lores can turn into a persons.)
We tried to look where this one is from. It is in excellent condition!
We found a little ticket from its butt that was written in cyrillic letters. We tried to translate it but with no luck and decided to name it: Vladimir the dragon.

This is nothing but a hound dog...
Or a golden retriever. 
Sure looks like one but we don't know.
We found another animal bag! Yay! Lind approves!
All though it's kinda ugly it can be cute on certain positions!

This was amazing find along with Vladimir. Lind also noticed that she owns quite a collection of dog themed bags already!
btw; she's called Ruffian.

It's really hard find this good shoes from the thrift store.
1st of all they fit which is achievement on it's own right. (I've quite small feet for a man of my size. At least here in Finland.)
2nd They don't need to be tied up!
3rd they were absurdly cheap for their quality!
They were a awesome deal; everything I was looking for!

Here starts the hand me downs!
So, cute, creepy and kinda weird. Just our alley.
I think it's a dog but don't quote me on that.
The thing lacks a nose after all.
Loving it :D!

Oh, the old grandpa hats! I love these but have never owned a one.
Consider me lucky!
They are originally from Sweden!

This jacket is so vibrant and refreshing! 
We got this from Lind's parents.
This is the "real 80s" stuff! It's actually RayBan. I didn't even know they had ever made anything like this really... :O
You read the thing. Now go!

This sweater exudes attitude. So kawaii!
Needless to say that I like this print.
What on the earth are bears holding anyway? A bowling ball?!

Nice and warm for the winter, yes? I like this kind of design!
I don't know what this is called so....
Lind note: It's Knitted Dress.
Ilar note: Okay.

For some reason cookie monster's skinned fir ended up in our wardrobe.
 This sweater is bit off for Lind. We don't know why, even though she loves large sweaters.

It's nice to own at least couple jean jacket isn't it?
I like this 'cus it's light blue/gray. To me it looks more stylish.

Funny story as a side note: I used to wear A LOT jean jackets when I was younger (11-16). It was my signature garment until it was replaced with leather jacket at 17 yr old.

This set is Lind's Mom's.
Wearing this Lind looks like a teacher :D you know? The stereotype...
Material is so soft. You gotta love sets. We need more of them. 
Espeacially matching ones for both of us!

Tartan skirt? Basic Lind... :D This is wraparound and little bit busted tone which caught our eye.

 This is a tank top from Lind's teenage years.
It's Ilar's now so it's basically a hand me down, right ;)

For the last but not least: check out this jacket! What a strange colour!
It looks like a leather but it's not.
Mysterious!( me xD...)

Lets save the world together 
and support slow fashion! 


  1. Great finds! I looove thrifting too!

  2. I love the dog scarf (?)! I have three animal bags, a unicorn, a leopard and an octopus.

    1. Oh my! Lind absolutely needs an octopus bag! That's a must! 🐙


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