Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Thoughts of the Year

This past year has been hard for us. 
We're not into philosophy but there's one we've found a real purpose for. It's an advice to all people that want to avoid suffering.
Meaningless agony that suppresses within. Depression.
The monkeys.
The one must say that monkeys are quite vise coming up with this... Maxim or a life style. Whatever one would call it anyway.
See no evil.
One must not read noxious social media nor tabloids. They're made to get you mad. Triggered or Afraid. It's all about the angle. All about the one provocative person's point of view. I know one. One who searches trouble and. Finds it. Inside the text. 
Close your eyes. Block all the light. Embrace the darkness.
Hear no evil.
Most hard for me which she has already mastered. Stop yourself from hearing gossips. Radio on a grocery store. What use it would make? To make your feel bad? This is what's important to you?!
Shut your ears. Amp up the music. Let it all be muffled. 
Something one can not comprehend.
Speak no evil.
Most important yet least passive. The root of this contagious cycle.
Speaking about the evil is still acknowledging the existence of evil, even though and especially when it wouldn't spread evil itself. About the relieving the pain. Does. Not. Work.
Shut your mouth. Meditate and learn to forget. Let the words escape out of your mind into the void. Into the complete nothingness.
This year has been hard for us.
And we were forced to find our own monkeys along the way.
To answer you why, would be quite complicated but I am letting this rest on a one sentence; 
Don't hang around bad people, 
whether they're connected to you
in a memory, 
or nothing at all.


  1. Yes!! I remind my husband about the first one all of the time.
    These are all important factors that everyone should learn to incorporate into their lives.
    Happy New Year!


    1. Happy New Year! We all want to feel good, don't we? :)

  2. Ehdottomasti hyviä periaatteita! :) Kyllä kiitos iloa ja hyvää mieltä tuottaville asioille! :)

    1. Juurikin näin! Mielenterveyden säilyminen 10/10!


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