Monday, 23 January 2017

Story: Creepy Crawlies

Story is back on track. Here's the link for the last part: Solution to Darkness. Feel free to leave suggestions, improvement ideas or feelings how you think story should continue on the comments. Enjoy!

   Xrir lied on the grass her eyes closed. Sun had risen as the lush golden trees of Cal'cannth bathed in a morning sun. Vampires or that thing, "haunt", seemed just like an ancient disturbing memory.
   Memory, what one would describe to something like a shipwreck at middle of the foggy sea. Gigantic, threatening, indisputably present but at the same time distant and unreal. 
   She didn't want to move. It would disturb the serenity, that could disappear at anytime. No, she couldn't risk it; losing a moment of sanity.
   Suddenly, Xrir felt tickling feeling on her forearm. She couldn't stop smiling until turned and saw little bugs scuttling all over her. She was laying on a nest of some sort, and this realization made her to stand up. 
   "Off you go little ones..." Xrir said with gentle voice as she shook bugs from her clothes. 
   Cling! Sharp, magical clink interrupted her. It was something in her pocket. It was the amulet. Xrir swallowed heavily and threw amulet to the bug nest. It was the very testament that everything really happened. How she got it? It was left behind. Up. There. Xrir decided not to look up. She didn't want any confirmation if something was above her or not.
   Xrir walked in forest searching a road of some sort. She looked only front of her and tried not to think about the looming presence. It was just in her mind. Little fright that's all.
   Snap. A branch snapped somewhere behind her. Xrir quickened her step.
   "Don't look back." Xrir repeated to herself whispering as quietly as possible. Footsteps. She could spot footsteps behind her. Something is following her. Xrir quickened her step and soon enough she noticed herself to be running. 
   Temptation to look behind her became unbearable as the footsteps seemingly became quieter and quieter. With a quick glance she noticed tall man following her.
  "Miss!" Man yelled as soon as Xrir had made eye contact with him.
Xrir kept running until saw a road opening front of her.
  "Excuse me!" Man insisted.
Xrir wasn't going to stop. Thump. Even though she had plunged into a ditch before the road. The impending monologue became louder; he was gaining on her.
   Xrir floundered up from the ditch onto the road and started running as fast as she could. Only words she could comprehend was something about her rudeness and how typical this was for such lowly beings. How could he behave like this? Xrir felt more disgusted than afraid of the situation more she thought of it.
  Rugged sign next to road suggested the nearest town to be only fifteen minutes away; Gunumrah. She knew she could make it, without befriending with this creepy fellow. Who cares what he has to say. She doesn't need to hear it. No, not after what she had experienced! "I would like to see him try!"

To be continued...

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