Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Random ramble: Hail To The Bus Driver, Man

We had an interesting accident today that just insisted to be part of one this category. I'll assure we didn't want it to be this way! D: 

art by lindworm
So, today after school we decided to visit at the big grocery store next to our school, since we usually use our local store which is a lot smaller. After our shopping we were really hungry and wanted to get home asap. So, we walked back to our school 
(our buss back to home uses only that route. IDK why. -,-) 
and waited buss at this umm... refreshing... winter weather.  

Soon enough we noticed our buss approaching and then stepped inside. We beeped our buss cards on card reading machine and then suddenly buss driver yelled us to get back. He started accusing us to stealing someone else's card. We were baffled. He kept rambling about how this card is for individual use only and such (he was rather hostile). We realized only what happened when he mentioned that Lind is NOT a MAN and thus was impossible her to own this card. We face palmed hard in our minds and explained that our cards must have been mixed at some point. He wouldn't take that for answer and insisted to check other card that I was holding. He checked the card and let us pass. We were quite fed up at this point and wanted to step out of the bus, just to protest this insanity. We didn't though because we just simply wanted home. 

Why is this crazy you might think, sure you knew about this? 
No, actually we didn't. Supposedly, our buss card data includes our sex as well and the way how buss drives are taught to operate is to look at the passenger. Just Look and decide do THEY think you're a man or a woman. 
Let's just say this shouldn't be so simple at year 2017 imo. One can wear a dress, make up long hair and shaven face and still can identify himself a man. And for the record Lind was without make up and wearing large coat, muffler and woolly beanie. Yes you can draw some arguments about everything blah blah blah but that's not the point. Are the buss drives judges of your identity all of the sudden?  No.

At the drive home we noticed that driver must have had a rough day since he was driving so recklessly and he was just doing his job, but that's not an excuse nor the way handle such delicate matter in our opinion. On top of all this, we figured that he wanted to unload all this bad feeling to Lind because she's a woman. 'Cus apparently I was fine a with my womanhood. I had a "women's" card as well, see? but I wasn't treated in such way... Fair?
Our buss card have mixed along our years more than once for 100% accuracy but this was the first time, someone asked anything like this and we've used buss cards for more than one day now.
So, yeah, let's try to make this world for everyone.
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  1. I can totally see how that's a slippery slope for discriminatory behavior. I've previously worked on civil rights cases that deal that with that kind of discrimination based on appearance (re: appearance not matching up to sex listed on ID). It's an embarrassment to the victim and just plain out of line.

    - Anna


    1. Truly. This really concretized the "passing" culture for us in a new way.

  2. Wow, I’m just really happy that I fint your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back.

  3. That's ridiculous! Women with PCOS have facial hair, transgender people might not look like their inner gender and gender fluid people exist too! And of course he should not be driving recklessly, especially in bad conditions!

    1. Indeed, Laura! This is all so strange...

  4. Wow looking so gorgeous have a good day


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