Monday, 9 January 2017

Outfit: Snow Lambs + new hair

Snow comes and goes this winter...
But good thing is that it's been so warm that we've been able to take pics outside

Lambs are perfect snow characters : >
They are made of snow, right?

Fresh shaved head makes me so happy!
...or fresh shaved... neck?

I'm pretty sure I won't shave all of my hair ever (sadly).
I think it wouldn't really suit me :(

But I'm a
big fan of shaved head girls!
They rule!

Highlighters must be the best part of makeup!
I'm afraid it's a trendy opinion
but highlighters really make you look so much alive ;)

It wasn't too cold but my chin was getting red 

cardigan: old (oasis)
suspenders: thrifted
skirt: thrifted
leggings: black milk

New hair and new vest
a match made in heaven??

As you can see the sun was setting...
We are not morning people so :)
Winter is hard!

Who ever made this vest <3
You are a genius!

 Time for hair dye explanation!
We wanted something purple but yet something new.
we mixed direction's rubine and purple with Herman's Mathilda which is a darker gray.
We mixed both colours with conditioner too
but we didn't mix Arctic Fox's Girls night with it.
It's a pastel shade so no need to make it lighter :) 

 This is such a pretty and cute shade of lavender!

 Mathilda needs perfect platinum blond hair to look beautifully gray.
We tested it straight from the pot on some strands of my hair which were a bit yellow and the gray turned ugly green gray :S
But when mixing with other colours Mathilda behaved very nicely :)

We are going to use Mathilda in the future too to make more interesting shades!

Fun fact: Herman's is a Finnish brand which is cruelty free and vegan :)
We're super happy with this hair :)
Get ready for hair pic overload...

Yes yes!

vest: thrifted
jumper: old
tie: old


  1. You both have the best hair. <3 Love your suspender skirt, too!

    - Anna

    1. aww thank you <3 hehe glad you like it ^-^ !!

  2. You both look like pixie creatures <3

    1. aww! that just made our day ; w ; <3 thank you!!

  3. Coolit hiukset! Nätti väri ja sopivasti edgeä! :)


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