Friday, 27 January 2017

Outfit: Home Ruffian

Lind is sick :(
Ilar has had a sore throat for weeks 
and all of a sudden Lind got a flu.
Rip Lind basically ;---(

But this lil fellow, Ruffian, is here to save the day!
She's such a kind dog.
And a little lazy too :0 She says it's because she enjoys dog's life to its fullest.

Look at Ruffian!
Look at Ruffian! :D <3

I love my Ruffian.

Aww! Lil Ruffian.

hat: old
dress: hand me down
tights: old
ruffian the dog: thrifted


  1. This outfit is just the cutest! I love your sweet doggie back pack! Such an adorable accessory. Your sweater dress is really lovely and I really like the way your tights are a half and half design! I sure hope you feel better!


    1. aww thank you so much Rebecca :D <3 Happy to hear that from you!!
      I feel a lot better now ^____^ <3

  2. Love love love your sweater. It's so perfect. Rad hat! <3

    - Anna

  3. Neulemekko on just sopivan lämpimän näköinen! :)

  4. *kisses ankles*

    Once again. totally ocking it with you one-toned tights my dear, Princess Worm. :D
    Also nice subtle turtleneck sweater.

    1. haha :D aww!
      thank you so much Dun Can ^___^ glad you like it!!


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