Sunday, 15 January 2017

Outfit: Casually Frozen

Where's the snow?
And why it's still so freaking cold? 
So many questions...
The forest is not answering.

We were still watching (non stop) WINX club
and after Ilar's hair was dyed...

We realized that he had turned into a Specialist 
* . * <3

 We really loved this mysterious character.
They never mentioned his name but he got so much screen time
and was the coolest fighter from Specialists.

He had the coolest weapons too!


So much anger!!

scarf: thrifted
badge: kuti
shirt: thrifted (marimekko)
jacket: thrifted

Lind went with 90s vibes.

And took her dog friend with her.

We've realized we're cat people
even if we both have had dogs growing up.
Dogs are fun in plush form tho! :)

We have the cutest dog neighbour here.
It's a huge and super kind Irish Wolfhound. 
So cute!

Popcorn shirt feels so weird on 

Glitter on lip gloss.

t-shirt: thrifted
overalls: thrifted
dog: thrifted
tights: too old


  1. Yay! Cats are awesome. Hehe. :D Rad shirt, too. Love the textures!

    - Anna

    1. Amen!! :'D haha!! thank you, dear Anna!!

  2. Love the blue wintry colours! How funny to find Ilar in the cartoon!

    1. haha yeah it truly was :'D thank you <3


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