Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Outfit: Are We Walking in the Air?

It's that time of the day.

I really like how bald my neck looks :D

I look so tan 
but who could tan in this darkness really :0

Darkness makes me sad and I'm scared of the sun...
Sun is fun when it's not burning me : - >

(I can't tan btw... I just burn.)

I've been using LA splash body paints non stop.
So much fun!

Yay lil snow <3

beret: thrifted
jumper: ilar's
leggings: black milk

Ilar is walking in the air!

When Ilar wore this shirt first time at school
a guy from our glass randomly started complimenting it.
Ilar said that his shirt possibly was formerly a fat kid's pajama shirt :D
The guy said he would have never guessed.
Haha! :')
And he still gave the shirt 2 thumbs up.

Moral of the story:
pajamas are cool as everyday clothing.

and snow is cold,


shirt: thrifted
everything else is old


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