Sunday, 29 January 2017

Moomin news: new animation series and dubs

We are huge Moomin fans 
as you might have noticed :')
So we want to talk about something very Moomin with you guys. 

(Screenshot from 90s moomin anime ep01)

They are making a new Moomin animated series!! Wow :D yay!
The story is gonna be based on Tove Jansson's books and comics 
unlike the 90's Moomin series which was based on both Tove's and Lars' comics (and Tove's books).
The art style is still a mystery but because Lars' daughter Sophia Jansson is leading the project 
they have talked about that the style should respect Tove's original art style...
Which is boring because it was the main goal in Moomins on the Riviera which looked so blank and not Tove's style at all (imo). And it was hard to watch because it was basically Tove's strips in animated form... Confusing...
Steve Box (Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit) is going to direct the series.
That's awesome! And that's why we wished they'd make Moomins in stop motion. Aardman style.
It'd suit Moomins because Tove & co made a lovely picture book in 1980 in which the characters were dolls and the house was a cute doll house. So cute!

Anyways. We are super excited about the news :D
And the first episode could be ready in the end of 2018!! 
 It's going to have 52 episodes.

Next big thing is that they are dubbing the 90's animation again in Finland. WHAT 0__o;
We were wondering if the real reason was that they are going to lose the rights (it's 25 year old dub).
But they remastered the picture and wanted the dub to be modern too.
The original Finnish dub is super adorable and old school. They speak the most beautiful Finnish and we highly recommend that if you want to study Finnish, watch 90's Moomins.
So dubs have copyrights too which means that you can't copy the original dub 100%. 
You have to make it your own. 
The new dub is directed by the son of the original dub director but the owner and publisher of the dub have changed. 
They said Moomins speak modern Finnish now and the whole cast is new as well.
We are interested in watching Moomins again in the new dub :) 
for sure!
It might be good too.
The original will always have a (huge) special place in our hearts and DVD shelves ;)
New dub is owned by MTV and it can be seen on C-more too.
Starting in February-March 2017.

They are also making a movie about Tove Jansson. Filming is going to start in 2018.
That too is really interesting! 
We hope it turns out beautiful and respectful.

Latest news about the new Japanese Moomin theme park is that it's gonna open in 2019.
Can't wait :) 

(Screenshot from 90s Moomin anime ep01)


  1. Jänniä uutisia molemmat! :) Se on aina hämmentävää jos jokin tuttu hahmo puhuu eri äänellä, joten uudisdubbaukset saattaa hämmentää aluksi... ;)


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